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The one thing you need to worry about if you are starting a law firm

If you can answer this one question you can figure everything else out… “How am I going to get clients?” If you know the answer to that question, you’ve got a successful law firm on your hands. If you don’t, then you better sit back down and do some more planning. The sooner you learn the answer to this question, the sooner your eyes open to the possibility of making your dreams come true.

Why Don’t Lawyers Share Marketing Advice?

This is a question that has dogged me for a long time. There are a ton of lawyers out there, some that are doing well, some that aren’t, and I’m pretty sure no matter how well you’re doing you aren’t sharing your marketing experience with anyone else? I think there are probably three reasons for this: Most attorneys don’t feel comfortable talking about marketing – we aren’t sure if what we’re doing is working; If we do find something that works, we don’t want to give it away; and If we talk about marketing we’ll have to expose the fact that we may not be making as much money as we’d like everyone to think we are. Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a 4 Letter Word Originally my post for this week was going to be about how stupid the excuse that the economy sucks is for waiting to start a law firm (I’ll talk about it later) but this […]
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