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AOL 137: Law Firm Owner Top iPhone Applications

Sometimes when I’m creating this podcast I try to look around and think about the things I would want to know as a fellow law firm owner. As I was looking around today I thought, “that’s it! The iPhone apps on my screen!” So that’s what you are getting today – a run down of what my home screen looks like, why things are where they are, and how I use my phone every day for maximum productivity. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on my phone (I’m too lazy to include links at this time – sorry!): Safari Podcasts Audible Spotify Feedly Voice Memos Evernote Google Maps LinkedIn Tweetbot Facebook Instagram Yahoo Sports Messages Slack Asana Insightly Duolingo Anki Snapchat Headspace Day One Pages RingCentral Phone Mail Camera Calendar That’s it! I’d love to hear what your most used phone application is. Tell me in the comments. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second […]

AOL 133: 5 Keys to a Great Law Firm Assistant Start

Here is a quick break down of the 5 keys to starting off the first full time week with your law firm assistant. To get all of the information, listen to the show! And, don’t forget, to get my law firm assistant job description and interview questions just CLICK HERE. 1. Preparation = Success Think of your time with your assistant as if you are a coach and they are a player. It is okay to script out their day. Make a list of all of the things you want them to do, and then prioritize. Take time for them to learn the fundamentals of each one at a time. Watch. Do. Teach. Come up with a couple of projects that will lead to immediate success (filing, scanning, setting appointments, etc.) Here’s what my law firm assistant did on her first day: Filing paperwork at courthouse Kanban board from post its to white board Close out a couple of files […]

AOL 108: Five Things I've Learned From Starting an Estate Planning Law Firm

I’ve been doing a little reflecting this week about what I’ve learned so far in this journey of starting an estate planning law firm (or essentially starting one). If you didn’t know, I’m now officially a Bellevue estate planning attorney (yes, it’s a shameless plug), and I’m working my ass off to get this thing off the ground. Over the past several weeks I’ve already learned a lot about the business, and now I want to share it with you (as always, if you want to get the inside scoop you actually have to listen to the podcast). 1. In some ways starting a law firm from scratch is easier than starting something that’s already been established. The firm I’m “starting” is already several years old. I equate some of the stuff I’m trying to do to be the equivalent of trying to turn an aircraft carrier. 2. In some ways starting from something that’s already been established is easier […]

AOL 101: Leveraging a Law Firm Podcast with Bentley Tolk

Today’s guest is a little different than most. He is not a small law firm owner. He is a shareholder in Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, a Salt Lake City law firm of nearly 70 lawyers. Though he is outside of the fold when it comes to his law firm size, he hits the bullseye when it comes to a passion for law firm marketing, in particular using the internet to spread the word about his services. Today’s guest has two podcasts, one about his practice area, the ERISA Litigation Podcast, and one about legal marketing, Legal Marketing Launch. It’s the one and only Bentley Tolk! Is a Law Firm Podcast Worth it? I think most people by now have heard about podcast and think a law firm podcast might be a benefit to their law firm. But many people are just unsure of how to use a podcast properly. On today’s show we talk about just that. Bentley goes […]

AOL 99: Law Firm Funnels, Marketing, and Money with Jim Hart

Today’s guest is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a podcaster. He started his first law firm, The Hart Law Firm, a family law firm, in 2010, and recently started a new law firm, Hawthorn Law, focused on Trademark and IP Law. Today is your lucky day because he’s got a big interest in using internet resources to build his client base just like I do – we’re going to get into the nuts and bolts of that. We talk a lot in this show about law firm funnels. To give you a little bit of background, law firm funnels are simply the work flow that you intend to take a person from potential client to client, and beyond. For example, my law firm funnels work like this, generally: Pre-frame bridge; Qualify interested potential client; Qualify as a purchasing client; Identify hyper-active buyers; and Age and ascend the relationship. Can you see how having a specific framework like this can make […]

AOL 95: Becoming Your Best Lawyer Self with Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins

Today is a special treat for you. I’ve got not one, but two guests joining me, and I believe it is the first time this has ever happened. We’re going to talk about becoming your best lawyer self. Our first guest is a high performance coach who helps companies and their leaders who want to raise their effectiveness so that they can enjoy more income, productivity, and morale. He is also the business partner of our second guest in Rusty Lion Academy, a coaching and mentorship firm for entrepreneurial men who want to navigate their life as one confluent stream. Our second guest is no slouch himself, having his own entrepreneurial success and inspiring others to pursue their biggest, craziest aspirations. It is with great pleasure that I introduce Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins. Here are just a couple of the topics we hit: 3 benefits of a coaching group; Why you might want to be in a male/female only […]

AOL 94: My Favorite Things 2015

Because this is the last of my monologue podcasts for 2015 I thought I’d do something that everyone else is doing, but with a twist, and give you my favorite things of 2015. I’m no Oprah, but I can guarantee you there is value in the things on this list for you. And, I’ve got a couple of bonus favorite things for people who subscribe to my newsletter (and why wouldn’t you? What have you got to lose?). To get on the newsletter CLICK HERE. I Hope This Was Your Best Year Ever Before I get to the list I want to sincerely say I hope this was your best year ever, and I hope I was at least a small part of that. Starting a law firm is tough, and the grind can really wear on you. I want this to be your safe haven, a place where you can come and be among your own. I hope you’ve […]

AOL 93: Starting a Personal Injury Law Firm with Matt Dubin

Today’s guest is a fellow Seattleite and also a fellow personal injury lawyer. Practicing since 1995 and owning his firm since 1998, today’s guest has a wealth of knowledge and experience. This was a great show because we talked about so many things that can go wrong when starting a personal injury law firm, AND, we talked about how to deal with them. Here are just a couple of the topics we touched upon: Cash flow management; How to survive the time when you open to get your first check; The power of a good assistant; The importance of processes and procedures; and How hard you actually have to work to succeed. There are a ton of great nuggets in here and I can’t wait for you to dive in and listen to starting a personal injury law firm with Matt Dubin! Resources Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps To Protect Your Family After An Accident PILMMA Book […]

AOL 89: The 80/20 Rule of Law Firm Marketing with David Ward

Today’s guest was sworn into the practice of law at 23 and started his own law firm shortly thereafter. He had no experience, no contacts, no secretary, and no clients. After five years of struggle he started to figure it all out. After 20 years of practice he switched gears and began teaching lawyers what he’d struggled to learn. He is now the owner of The Attorney generic valium florida Marketing Center and the David Ward Group. You can find him at We talk about some really cool stuff today, including: The foundational elements of good law firm marketing; The elements of a good law firm website; The power of referrals; How to overcome the struggle of starting a law firm; and Much much more! Resources Book recommendation: The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less Using story to sell.

AOL 87: Law Firm Marketing Like a Pro with Stephen Fairley

Today’s guest is the CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, a law firm marketing company specializing in lead conversion for small to medium sized law firms. He is an international best selling author. He a Registered Corporate Coach, has a masters degree in Counseling and a second masters in clinical psychology. He works exclusively with attorneys to find new clients fast using online and offline legal marketing strategist and to convert more prospects into paying clients using automated marketing and by fixing their follow up systems. I must say, this turned out to be a pretty cool episode. Stephen was down to earth and shared a lot of knowledge and insight not just into the right way to attack law firm marketing, but the way that his business works (which in and of itself is a great lesson). Instead of continuing to talk about how good the interview, was, why don’t you just go listen to it? Resources The E-Myth Revisited: […]
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