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AOL 112: Law Firm Break Ups

Last week I broke up with my law firm. There were no tears. There were no hard feelings. There were no long goodbyes. It was simply “this isn’t working for me,” and “this isn’t working for me either,” and we went our separate ways. Here’s the thing though: I’m not sure many of you would have the guts to do that. Are you willing to make the hard choices? Are you willing to admit to yourself that everything isn’t going perfectly? Are you willing to do the hard thing that needs to be done to make sure you are as successful as possible and your firm is as successful as possible. Law firm break ups aren’t fun, but sometimes they are necessary. Why Law Firm Break Ups Happen If you want the full story you should listen to the podcast. Here’s the reader’s digest version. First, there were too many cooks in the kitchen. With so much input nothing was […]

Want to Get More Law Firm Clients? Follow up.

I was having a chat with my buddy the other day and I was talking about how interesting it was now that I’m an estate planning lawyer. What is interesting is that I am not having trouble creating leads for business. The trouble is coming from getting people to actually pull the trigger. And let me be clear here real quick. These aren’t people that are saying no. In fact, they are saying yes. They just aren’t taking the next steps in the process. They still answer my calls. They still respond to my emails. They simply have no urgency to take action. The Power of Follow Up for Law Firm Clients My buddy, who is in the financial industry, completely felt my pain. And he answered my question with three words: Relentless follow up. “There was a study done some time ago that found that in situation like yours and mine where the thing to be done was important […]
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