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AOL 133: 5 Keys to a Great Law Firm Assistant Start

Here is a quick break down of the 5 keys to starting off the first full time week with your law firm assistant. To get all of the information, listen to the show! And, don’t forget, to get my law firm assistant job description and interview questions just CLICK HERE. 1. Preparation = Success Think of your time with your assistant as if you are a coach and they are a player. It is okay to script out their day. Make a list of all of the things you want them to do, and then prioritize. Take time for them to learn the fundamentals of each one at a time. Watch. Do. Teach. Come up with a couple of projects that will lead to immediate success (filing, scanning, setting appointments, etc.) Here’s what my law firm assistant did on her first day: Filing paperwork at courthouse Kanban board from post its to white board Close out a couple of files […]

AOL 132: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part Five – The First Week

First things first, I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to give away some of the resources I created to make my last law firm assistant hire. To get a copy of the job description and list of interview questions I asked to hire my last law firm assistant, CLICK HERE. This week was the week my new law firm assistant started. And it was great. There were a few things I did though, to make it go as smoothly as possible. To figure out what they are, you have to listen to the podcast (or read the transcript below) but here were just a few of the topics I covered: How to make sure your law firm assistant feels welcomed immediately; How to start fast; Three important things to remember to make your hire work out; How to get them up to speed as quickly as possible; and much much more! To get all of that and […]

AOL 130: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part 4

In case you missed it, here is part 1, here is part 2, and here is part 3 – listen to these first! We’re back for another installment of hiring a law firm assistant here at The Art of Lawyering. And, believe it or not, we still don’t have an assistant actually working yet. Here’s what we have: Part 1: creating and posting the job; Part 2: interviewing and making the offer; Part 3: pre-meeting number 1 (logistics); Part 4: pre-meeting number 2 (philosophy, values, etc.), Emily starts this week, and I’m excited to get her up to speed and see what she can contribute to the team. To find out what happens, you need to listen to the podcast! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily basis to create and build my successful law firm? Now you can find out first hand (and steal some of my secrets). It’s called the Law Firm […]
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