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The one thing you need to worry about if you are starting a law firm

If you can answer this one question you can figure everything else out… “How am I going to get clients?” If you know the answer to that question, you’ve got a successful law firm on your hands. If you don’t, then you better sit back down and do some more planning. The sooner you learn the answer to this question, the sooner your eyes open to the possibility of making your dreams come true.

What Would You Do?

By: Christopher Small This week I had something happen to me that’s never happened before. And I did something about it. And I’ll tell you what that was. But not today. Today I want to hear what You would have done in this situation. It’s like an old law school hypo except it’s fun and it’s a real world situation. Here’s What Happened Unless you live in Seattle you probably wouldn’t know about this, but there have been two high profile DUI fatality accidents in the last month or so. So, as one might expect, the public is on edge (read my thoughts on it here). They want harsh punishments. They want justice. And, in Seattle, people aren’t shy about complaining about shit. But that’s just the beginning of this story. Law Firm Radio Ads and Public Discourse I do radio ads for my DUI defense law firm. They aren’t successful, but that’s not the point. The gist of the […]

LFMM 019: Twitter Marketing for Lawyers

By: Christopher Small In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I talk about marketing your law firm with Twitter. As you know, this blog is all about marketing you law firm. And, probably even more specifically this blog is about leveraging the internet to market your law firm. Today we dive right into that by talking about how I use Twitter to market my law firm and how you can do the same. In this Episode I Talk About:

LFMM 014: Law Firm Radio Advertising 101

In this episode of Law Firm Marketing Mastery we talk about the basics of radio advertising. If you’ve been listening to any of the prior podcasts then you know I’ve been working out a plan for radio advertising for about two months now. And it’s finally finished! I’ve read books on radio advertising, scoured Google, talked to mentors and peers and coaches, and shaken down the sales guy at the radio station to learn as much as I can about radio advertising in as short amount a time as possible. And Now I Want to Share that Information with You!
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