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AOL 146: Law Firm Coaching Friday – Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages; Marketing an Estate Planning Law Firm; Subscription Legal Services; and Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs

This is the first of what I hope to be MANY free law firm coaching Friday’s, where I hop on Facebook Live and answer all of your law firm questions (and anything else you want to ask). First things first, mark your calendar for Fridays at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time – that’s when this bad boy is going down (most of the time). Second, if you don’t have time to go live but still want to ask a question, hit me up at chris at and put “question” in the subject line. I’ll read your question and answer it right there. Third, there is no third! Listen to the show – it’s a good one! Fourth, okay, there is something. These are the topics covered: Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages Marketing an Estate Planning Law firm; Subscription Legal Services; Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs; and Much Much More! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. Tired of hope marketing for your law […]

AOL 142: Five Reasons Your Law Firm Will Fail

On this episode I talk about the five reasons your law firm will fail (or, read another way – do the opposite of what I’m talking about to have a successful law firm). I was sitting at my desk today thinking about what to talk to you about today and it dawned on me – I haven’t done a motivational talk in a while! And what better way to motivate you than to tell you why your law firm will fail. Don’t believe me? I don’t know what the statistic is on business failure as a whole, but I’ve talked to a lot of law firm owners and I can tell you a majority of them (over 80%) are struggling to just make ends meet. Why is this? Why is it so darn difficult to create a successful law firm? Here are the five reasons your law firm will fail: You will focus on the wrong things You will build […]

AOL 084: What is the Greatest Challenge You Face in Your Law Firm?

Sometimes I see a question and answer session somewhere else that I just can’t help but participate in. I recently found one over at where they asked the question: what is the greatest challenge you face in your law firm? I thought the responses were interesting and deserved their own response, so I responded with this podcast. Below you can find all of the responses to the original question. To get my responses you’ll have to listen in! (Oh, and you can find the original question and responses here) Greatest Law Firm Challenge Responses randallryder: Taking time out of my busy day to read an email from Lawyerist asking me to answer a poll on Lawyerist. Other than that, fighting for the little guy is incredibly emotionally satisfying and rewarding. Kenneth Forman: Trying to make a living while the Bar continues its decades of turning a blind eye at the massive (and ever growing) amount of people who practice […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 069: Starting a Non-Profit Law Firm with Shantelle Argyle

This is a pretty cool episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast. We are going to talk about something that I didn’t have a lot of confidence could be pulled off. Today we are going to talk about starting a non-profit law firm. Shantelle Argyle is the co-founder of Open Legal Services, Utah’s first and only nonprofit modest means law firm. They take anyone and everyone, and their fee is based on their client’s income. In this episode we talk about all kinds of fun things, including: Starting a law firm right out of law school; Fighting the government; The true definition of non-profit businesses; Why starting a non-profit law firm is so hard; Overcoming fear; and Much much more! Show Resources Open Legal Services Book Recommendation – Slaughterhouse-Five Cheers!

AOL 025: How to Start a Law Firm with No Experience with Anthony C. Johnson

Anthony C. Johnson is no average attorney. In just a few short years he’s built a wildly profitable law firm and he did so lacking what many of you consider a critical component to success – experience practicing law. Of course, over time, he has gained considerable experience, but when he was thinking about how to start a law firm with no experience he came up with a novel approach – he brought in outside attorneys to help. Now, you may think it’s a little more complicated than that, and you’d be right. But Anthony takes the time to go through the process of how to start a law firm with no experience, and make a ton of money doing it. To get that, and much more, listen to the episode! Resources Johnson Vines Law Firm American Injury Attorney Group Anthony on Twitter Book Recommendation: The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers […]

AOL 020: 5 Unique Qualities of Successful Law Firm Owners

On this episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast I talk about the 5 unique qualities I think all successful law firm owners have. And, you might be surprised to know that being a good lawyer is not on the list. The things that make a law firm owner a successful one has nothing to do with their ability to practice law. There are ways around that (which I talk about in this episode). What makes them great is their ability to see the big picture, generic valium buy diazepam online kick fear’s ass, and approach law firm ownership with the right mindset. If you are thinking about starting a law firm, are wondering how to start a law firm right, or have a struggling law firm, then this podcast is a must listen. Resources Here are a couple of things I mentioned on this podcast: What do you think it takes? Think there are other qualities necessary to be […]

5 Ways Starting a Law Firm is Like Potty Training a Two Year Old

I didn’t realize it until I started, but starting a law firm is a lot like potty training a two year old. How do I know? I’ve started a law firm and I’m right smack in the middle of potty training my two year old. It wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t take this opportunity to draw a couple of connections between the two. So here we go! 1. Everybody’s scared when you first start. I remember taking the diaper off my two year old for the first time. She had no idea what was going on. I had no idea what was going on, and I was one hundred percent sure she was going to immediately start peeing all over the place. What ended up happening was actually quite interesting. She took off running around the house, and then about 15 minutes later she peed on the floor. This is exactly what starting a law firm is like. […]

Don't lie.

I was in trial today for a DUI. It was a pretty run of the mill case. No breath test. No field sobriety tests. The trooper is the only witness. The entire case for the prosecution rests on his testimony. And I’d had him in trial before and thought he was pretty good on the stand. And then this happened. Me: You wrote a report in this case? Trooper: Yes. Me: Did you read it? Trooper: Yes. Me: See anything you want to add or change? Trooper: Yes. Me: Yes? This case is FIVE years old. There’s something new you want to add? Trooper: Yes. Me: Okay, what do you want to add? Trooper: I remember finding something in the car. Two things actually. Me: And this information isn’t anywhere in your report? No pictures? No impound report? Trooper: No. Me: I don’t want to know what that is. Moving on… (Later) Prosecutor: So, what did you find in the […]

How to make your work as good as your ambitions.

Here’s the thing about lawyering. When we start, we suck at it. There is no one that starts of being amazing. A lot of getting better is learning through the school of hard knocks. That’s why they call what we do a “practice.” Thought that was explained really well by Ira Glass in this video. And, if you don’t have high standards like this for yourself, maybe you should ask yourself “why not?”

Starting a Law Firm | Mentors

This post is from the first blog I started, called “How to Start a Law Firm.” Over the years I’ve moved to different sites a few times and wanted to catalog all of my content in one place. If an article refers to a link and there is no link, sorry, that’s consequence of the move. Enjoy! Whether you are newly out of law school or a seasoned veteran, if you have not tried starting a law firm, figuring it all out can be a daunting task. How do you get past this shortcoming? Ask someone who has already done it for help. One of the great things about many attorneys, particularly those that have hung a shingle or tried to start a law firm, is that they can remember what it felt like when they started. And most of the time there was someone that took a little time out of their day to provide some insight and advice […]
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