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AOL 137: Law Firm Owner Top iPhone Applications

Sometimes when I’m creating this podcast I try to look around and think about the things I would want to know as a fellow law firm owner. As I was looking around today I thought, “that’s it! The iPhone apps on my screen!” So that’s what you are getting today – a run down of what my home screen looks like, why things are where they are, and how I use my phone every day for maximum productivity. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on my phone (I’m too lazy to include links at this time – sorry!): Safari Podcasts Audible Spotify Feedly Voice Memos Evernote Google Maps LinkedIn Tweetbot Facebook Instagram Yahoo Sports Messages Slack Asana Insightly Duolingo Anki Snapchat Headspace Day One Pages RingCentral Phone Mail Camera Calendar That’s it! I’d love to hear what your most used phone application is. Tell me in the comments. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second […]

AOL 134: How I Use Insightly for Law Firm Project Management

If you are starting a law firm or have owned a law firm for any significant amount of time, you’ve probably considered using project management software to help make managing your law firm easier. I know I have. The hard thing is, when you look around, there are a ton of different options out there, and it’s difficult to know which is good and which is bad. I can’t speak to all of the other options out there, but today I’m going to tell you not just what I use – insightly – but how I use it. Law Firm Project Management Needs There is one thing you need to know about me when it comes to technology – I hate using stuff build specifically for law firms. I think it’s too complicated. I think it’s too cumbersome. And I think it’s designed with too many features – they are trying to be everything to everyone, and it doesn’t work. […]

AOL 133: 5 Keys to a Great Law Firm Assistant Start

Here is a quick break down of the 5 keys to starting off the first full time week with your law firm assistant. To get all of the information, listen to the show! And, don’t forget, to get my law firm assistant job description and interview questions just CLICK HERE. 1. Preparation = Success Think of your time with your assistant as if you are a coach and they are a player. It is okay to script out their day. Make a list of all of the things you want them to do, and then prioritize. Take time for them to learn the fundamentals of each one at a time. Watch. Do. Teach. Come up with a couple of projects that will lead to immediate success (filing, scanning, setting appointments, etc.) Here’s what my law firm assistant did on her first day: Filing paperwork at courthouse Kanban board from post its to white board Close out a couple of files […]

AOL 132: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part Five – The First Week

First things first, I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to give away some of the resources I created to make my last law firm assistant hire. To get a copy of the job description and list of interview questions I asked to hire my last law firm assistant, CLICK HERE. This week was the week my new law firm assistant started. And it was great. There were a few things I did though, to make it go as smoothly as possible. To figure out what they are, you have to listen to the podcast (or read the transcript below) but here were just a few of the topics I covered: How to make sure your law firm assistant feels welcomed immediately; How to start fast; Three important things to remember to make your hire work out; How to get them up to speed as quickly as possible; and much much more! To get all of that and […]

AOL 130: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part 4

In case you missed it, here is part 1, here is part 2, and here is part 3 – listen to these first! We’re back for another installment of hiring a law firm assistant here at The Art of Lawyering. And, believe it or not, we still don’t have an assistant actually working yet. Here’s what we have: Part 1: creating and posting the job; Part 2: interviewing and making the offer; Part 3: pre-meeting number 1 (logistics); Part 4: pre-meeting number 2 (philosophy, values, etc.), Emily starts this week, and I’m excited to get her up to speed and see what she can contribute to the team. To find out what happens, you need to listen to the podcast! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily basis to create and build my successful law firm? Now you can find out first hand (and steal some of my secrets). It’s called the Law Firm […]

AOL 128: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part 3

In case you missed it, here is part 1 and here is part 2 – listen to these first! We’re back for part three of hiring a law firm assistant. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last three weeks I’m basically taking you through my experience of hiring my next law firm assistant. Part 1 was about creating a job description and thinking about who I want this person to be and what qualities I want them to have. Part 2 was all about the interview and pulling the trigger (including the offer I made, I think). Today we’re moving past the actual hiring and talking about what is probably the most important aspect of hiring a law firm assistant – we’re talking about the on-boarding process. I talk to you about what I’m doing in the time between job offer acceptance and the actual start of the job. If you want to learn about what I’m […]

AOL 116: Law Firm Profit and Loss

One of the most interesting things I see when I talk to people about their law firm success is that they have no true idea how the law firm is actually performing. They have no idea if they have law firm profit or law firm loss. They know if they have money in the bank. They know if they have money on the way, but that is about it. Today I’m going to reveal how I deal with law firm profit and loss. Enjoy! Hey everybody welcome to episode 116 of The Art of Lawyering podcast. I’m just coming straight to you from interstate 405. I just left a lunch and learn meeting with my pals Keen and John where we talked a lot about profit and loss. And I wanted to talk to you about the same subject because I think it’s critically important and it’s something that you should start from the beginning or implement now if you’re […]

AOL 113: Law Firm Startup Personalities

This is a special episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast because it’s a change from the way I’ve been doing things. Today I want to talk law firm startup personalities. What does that even mean? Listen in… Hey everybody welcome to episode 113 of The Art Of Lawyering Podcast. I’m your host as always, Christopher Small. I’m excited to be here with you today. You know, this is gonna be a different kind of an episode and the episodes are moving forward. I think we’re gonna be kinda different. I think I’m done doing interviews for a while. Their simply taken up too much of my time and too much of my effort and I don’t think they’re really giving you what you need on the show. They’re not really accomplishing my true goal with the show. So I’m gonna kinda put them on hiatus for a little bit. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop show. In fact this […]

AOL 108: Five Things I've Learned From Starting an Estate Planning Law Firm

I’ve been doing a little reflecting this week about what I’ve learned so far in this journey of starting an estate planning law firm (or essentially starting one). If you didn’t know, I’m now officially a Bellevue estate planning attorney (yes, it’s a shameless plug), and I’m working my ass off to get this thing off the ground. Over the past several weeks I’ve already learned a lot about the business, and now I want to share it with you (as always, if you want to get the inside scoop you actually have to listen to the podcast). 1. In some ways starting a law firm from scratch is easier than starting something that’s already been established. The firm I’m “starting” is already several years old. I equate some of the stuff I’m trying to do to be the equivalent of trying to turn an aircraft carrier. 2. In some ways starting from something that’s already been established is easier […]

AOL 106: How to start a law firm questions answered!

I think it’s about time for another Q&A episode. Here are the questions. As always, if you want the answers, you’ve got to listen to the show! ————————————- At what law firm income, does it become practical to hire an additional paralegal or attorney? – Matthew ————————————- what are you currently using your VA’s for? Are they full time, part time or per project? are you afraid you don’t have enough work for them? – Adam ————————————- I am graduating in May and taking the bar exam in july. I live in Sacramento, CA. My question is: what is a good field/speciality to get into? My plan is to hang my shingle after passing the bar. – Elliot ————————————- What kind of law should a 3L / new lawyer should go into in these times, particularly in NYC? Besides estate planning of course. Tax? PI? Criminal? I’ll be graduating in a couple of years and would like to decide soon. […]
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