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AOL 142: Five Reasons Your Law Firm Will Fail

On this episode I talk about the five reasons your law firm will fail (or, read another way – do the opposite of what I’m talking about to have a successful law firm). I was sitting at my desk today thinking about what to talk to you about today and it dawned on me – I haven’t done a motivational talk in a while! And what better way to motivate you than to tell you why your law firm will fail. Don’t believe me? I don’t know what the statistic is on business failure as a whole, but I’ve talked to a lot of law firm owners and I can tell you a majority of them (over 80%) are struggling to just make ends meet. Why is this? Why is it so darn difficult to create a successful law firm? Here are the five reasons your law firm will fail: You will focus on the wrong things You will build […]

AOL 139: Pricing Law Firm Services to Win

Today I wanted to talk about something that we’ve all had to think about and deal with at some point in our law firm start-up career: pricing law firm services. The tough part about pricing law firm services is that there is no set pricing schedule. There is no industry standard. And no one shares their prices. For those reasons (and some other psychological factors I talk about in the podcast) pricing law firm services can seem extremely difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a little thought, a little intention, a minor shift in perspective, and some guts. Check out the podcast to get the whole scoop. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second six-figure law firm in under 4 months! Want to know my secret? Networking! And I’m sharing my tracking system with you for free. Click Here for Access. Who am I? I am an expert on starting […]

AOL 135: Law Firm Quarterly Report and 3rd Quarter Goals

It is time for one of my favorite episodes – the law firm quarterly report! Yes, we are a little late to the game, with the second quarter officially ending at the end of June, but better late than never! And, this specific report is doubly fun because I’VE GOT SOME EXCITING NEWS TO REPORT!! Law Firm Quarterly Report If you have been listening to The Art of Lawyering Podcast for any length of time then you know how much I love setting goals, going for big goals, and then reporting back to you on whether or not I’ve reached these goals. That’s what this quarterly report is all about. And that is a big part of today’s episode. Law Firm 3rd Quarter Goals BUT, that’s not all. I also let you in on what my law firm startup goals are for the 3rd quarter, and, maybe more importantly, I talk about how and why I arrived at those goals. […]

AOL 120: Hiring Law Firm Employees

As many of you know, in January I started my own estate planning law firm. Well, it’s been going pretty well. No, I am not rich, but I’m busy. Super busy. So busy, in fact, that I need some help. It’s time for me to hire my first law firm employees. I remember back to when I hired my first law firm employees and how terrible I was at it. I don’t want to make that mistake again. As luck would have it, a buddy of mine presented to our mastermind group on best hiring practices. I wanted to share some of what I learned with you so you can hire the best law firm employees possible. Some of the things I talk about: The three most important qualities of good law firm employees; The one of those that you MUST hire for (it’s not what you think); The difference between work capacity and work ethic; A foolproof test for […]

AOL 116: Law Firm Profit and Loss

One of the most interesting things I see when I talk to people about their law firm success is that they have no true idea how the law firm is actually performing. They have no idea if they have law firm profit or law firm loss. They know if they have money in the bank. They know if they have money on the way, but that is about it. Today I’m going to reveal how I deal with law firm profit and loss. Enjoy! Hey everybody welcome to episode 116 of The Art of Lawyering podcast. I’m just coming straight to you from interstate 405. I just left a lunch and learn meeting with my pals Keen and John where we talked a lot about profit and loss. And I wanted to talk to you about the same subject because I think it’s critically important and it’s something that you should start from the beginning or implement now if you’re […]

AOL 115: How Long Does Law Firm Start-Up Success Take?

Sometimes it can seem like law firm start-up success takes forever. But how long is too long? How do you know when you should keep going? That’s what we talk about today on the show… Hey everybody, welcome to episode 115 of The Art Of Lawyering podcast. I am your host, Christopher Small, I am out actually walking the dog tonight, figured I would mix up a little bit and give you some good stuff while talking them on a walk. Typically takes me a little bit but we’re probably not gonna take forever here. We’re doing these short bite sized episodes if you didn’t know that. Interesting question, had somebody that just wanted to join The Law Firm Confidential, and she’d been, has been at it for about three weeks. She’s been doing the stuff that’s in the program, and she hasn’t seen much success yet and she have a Facebook group and she was curious about how long […]

AOL 111: How Lawyer Anita Dhake Retired from Her Law Firm at 33 Years Old

Today’s guest has a story like none other before. Yes she is a lawyer, or should I say, was a lawyer, just like us. She graduated in 2009, took a big law corporate job, and started grinding away. Except, that she wasn’t like us. She had other plans. She refused to lead a life controlled by other’s expectations. One year after starting her legal career, all of her 100K plus student loan was paid off. And in August, 2015, at just 33 years old, she retired from the practice of law to chase her dreams and travel the world. Resources Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence Book Rec: The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily […]

The One Thing You Need to Build a Million Dollar Law Firm

This post is going to be a little controversial, I can already tell. No, it’s not the title. No, it’s not the content. It’s the implication. It’s probably going to make you mad. It’s definitely going to make you question everything you’ve been doing. The One Thing You Need to Build a Million Dollar Law Firm If you want to create a million dollar law firm you only need one thing: A true desire to create a million dollar law firm. Now, while you are sitting there saying to yourself “I really want one,” ask yourself this: When was the last time you made a sales call for your law firm? When was the last time you worked on refining the processes in your law firm? When was the last time you wrote a blog post even though you didn’t really want to and it was late and you were tired? When was the last time you read a book […]

AOL 83: Todd Tressidor on Powerful Financial Mindset

Today’s guest is not a lawyer. But he is rich, so I had to have him on the show. Some of his professional highlights include a BA in economics from UC-Davis, retiring at the age of 35 when responsible for a 20+ million dollar portfolio, and raising his net worth from zero at age 23 to self-made millionaire 12 years later. But what’s even more fascinating about our guest is his focus on personal development and using financial freedom as a transformational path to personal fulfillment. Financial mindset is critical to success as a law firm owner. If you don’t know how to manage cash, save for a rainy day, and make your money work for you, then success is going to be extremely difficult. Building a powerful financial mindset takes understanding where your weaknesses are and working to overcome them, as well as simply identifying those beliefs you hold that don’t work out in the real world. Just a […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 75: Continuity and Starting a Law Firm with Michael Prywes

This episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast was a particularly good one. Michael brought a lot of energy along with a lot of thoughtful commentary, to the show. Michael is a New York attorney and the owner of Prywes Schwartz PLLC, a law firm created to cater to artists and entrepreneurs. He’s got his own wikipedia page and imdb profile. You can find him at What’s interesting about Michael’s story, other than the fact that he has a legitimate wikipedia page, is that he never really intended to get into the law. It sort of happened to him as a result of his life generic valium online no prescription experience. And, what’s even more special is that Michael used the law and is using his law firm to help him achieve his dream life, which is what we’re all after. Resources – custom business cards – custom business cards Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less The […]
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