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AOL 146: Law Firm Coaching Friday – Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages; Marketing an Estate Planning Law Firm; Subscription Legal Services; and Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs

This is the first of what I hope to be MANY free law firm coaching Friday’s, where I hop on Facebook Live and answer all of your law firm questions (and anything else you want to ask). First things first, mark your calendar for Fridays at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time – that’s when this bad boy is going down (most of the time). Second, if you don’t have time to go live but still want to ask a question, hit me up at chris at and put “question” in the subject line. I’ll read your question and answer it right there. Third, there is no third! Listen to the show – it’s a good one! Fourth, okay, there is something. These are the topics covered: Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages Marketing an Estate Planning Law firm; Subscription Legal Services; Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs; and Much Much More! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. Tired of hope marketing for your law […]

AOL 143: Law Firms and Farmer's Markets Don't Mix

I got my first law firm client from a farmer’s market. I used to preach marketing a law firm in this way. But now that I’m older and wiser I’ve changed my tune… Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second six-figure law firm in under 4 months! Want to know my secret? Networking! And I’m sharing my tracking system with you for free. Click Here for Access. Who am I? I am an expert on starting a law firm and law firm marketing. I’ve started two successful law firms (you can see my latest one here and love sharing what I’ve learned so you can do it too). Law Firms and Farmer’s Markets Don’t Mix Transcript Hey everybody this is Christopher Small. This is episode one forty three of The Art of Lawyering podcast. I am super pumped to be with you today. I was actually, we’re on Facebook live but we’re recording a day […]

AOL 114: Law Firm Marketing Presentation Tips

I put on a law firm marketing presentation the other day and thought I’d share my tips in today’s podcast episode. Enjoy! Hey everybody, welcome to episode 114 of The Art Of Lawyering podcast, I’m your host, Christopher Small, and I’m excited to be here with you today. I am at this time currently on the highway driving back to the office from a presentation that I just put on. This presentation was made to a real estate agent and his team about 10 people or so. It’s good times I talked about two things. For all you estate planning attorneys out there. I talked about ways that they can provide value to their clients from a business perspective and I talked about ways that they can protect themselves from personal perspective. And estate planning worked into both of those components but that’s not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about were some lessons that […]

AOL 98: 5 Law Firm Trends for 2016

I was reading an article the other day on the technology trends for 2016 that someone was prophesizing and I thought it would be a great idea to do something like for law firms. I believe that the legal industry is on the cusp of really big changes. I think it’s going to start being handled by people that have a lot more business savvy and those people are going to use 21st century technology to crush it. And there’s a lot more I think is going to happen in 2016 for law firms. To get the scoop, you’ve got to listen to the show. 5 Law Firm Trends for 2016 Okay, I’ll give you a little teaser. As usual, though, there is no context with this list, so to get the full scoop you’re going to want to listen to the show. Virtual everything; Facebook advertising; Subscription services; Reality check with our place in the world; Move from associates […]

AOL 81: 10 Ways to Market Your Law Firm with Larry Bodine

Today’s guest has quite the resume when it comes to law firm marketing. He is a marketer, journalist and attorney who turns website visitors into clients for trial law firms. In July 2015 he was inducted into the PILMMA Hall of Fame. He is the editor in chief of personal injury dot com, and he writes for websites like the Huffington Post, Law Fuel,, and the LawMarkteting Blog. 10 Ways to Market Your Law Firm Now, these obviously aren’t the only options for marketing your law firm, but they will work. If you want the details on each of these, you’ve got to listen to the show! 1. Invest in your marketing. 2. Have video on your website. 3. Don’t do any marketing you can’t measure. 4. Start with low hanging fruit. 5. Cultivate referral sources. 6. Get active in an association. 7. Pursue “targets.” 8. Write down your business plan. 9. Block out 200 hours a year for […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 80: 5 Ways to Create a Great Law Firm Brand

Creating a law firm brand is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, mostly because I’m thinking about creating a new one (spoiler alert! Want to know more, CLICK HERE). A law firm brand, for me, has been a difficult thing to put together for a couple of reasons. First, no matter how we want to slice it, the services that we provide to people are essentially the same. What I mean by that is, when you look at how the sausage is made, from firm to firm it is very similar. Second, because we are a service based business with very little in the way of tangible production, it’s difficult to explain what we do without getting too airy. A buddy of mine describes this as “landing the plane.” What will your clients life be like after they hire you in concrete terms? It’s a tough task. Creating a Great Law Firm Brand is Possible That does […]

#AskChristopherSmall 004: Low Budget Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Everybody wants to know how to get clients to their law firm without spending any money. And if you are just starting a law firm it’s probably something that is especially top of mind. Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is if you want to get a lot clients fast, spending a little bit of money for law firm marketing is the way to go. The good news, though, is that low budget law firm marketing is possible, and can pay off quickly, if you put the work in to get the results you want. Here are three low budget ways to market your law firm. The Art of Lawyering | How to Start a Law Firm | Law Firm Marketing | Leadership | Mindset | Productivity MY NEWEST PODCAST – MY NEWEST ARTICLE – FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM – FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK – – Christopher Small […]

Art of Lawyering Podcast 059: Law Firm Marketing Tactics I Used to Get My First Clients (Redux)

This episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast is a must listen if you are thinking about starting a law firm. It is also a must listen if you are a fan of the podcast. And, if you are a fan, there’s a good chance you have actually listened to most of this episode before, though it was called something different at the time. Today’s episode is actually a redux of one of my old episodes. I looked back at my stats from old episodes and took one of the most listened too. And, there’s an added twist. This episode isn’t an old episode of The Art of Lawyering. It’s actually an old episode of Law Firm Marketing Mastery, which is what The Art of Lawyering used to be called. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy! Law Firm Marketing Tactics I Used to Get My First Clients We all have to start out somewhere, right? Me? I started out at […]

AOL 047: How to Start a Personal Injury Law Firm with Adam Krause

This week on The Art of Lawyering Podcast I’m pleased to have Adam Krause join me. Adam is not just a member of Law Firm Confidential, he’s also an up and coming Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer. After starting his personal injury law firm less than a year ago he’s already cemented himself in the community and is on his way to a stellar start to his career. To hear all about Adam’s journey, including how he signed up more than 400 people to a mass tort case, received a referral for a $100,000 personal injury claim from another personal injury lawyer and why he decided to start his personal injury law firm right out of law school, you’ll have to tune in! Show Resources Law Firm Confidential Krause and Kinsman Book Recommendation: Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Recommendation: Virtual Freedom

AOL 039: Jacob Sapochnick on Law Firm Internet Marketing

This episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast is a must listen. While I may say that about all of the episodes, what makes this one especially amazing is all of the actionable content Jacob shared in our conversation (if you don’t believe me just look at the show notes). Jacob also gets the fantastic distinction of being the first guest to appear on the podcast more than once (CLICK HERE to hear our first conversation). About Jacob Sapochnick Jacob is a lawyer that started his own law firm several years ago after working for a number of lawyers and finding out that he could do it better (and make more money at the same time). When Jacob started his immigration law firm, he had no contacts, no staff, and no clients, but that didn’t stop him. To make his mark, Jacob focused on social media, and is now known as one of the true success stories when it comes […]
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