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058: Three Reasons You Won’t Accomplish Your Law Firm Goals in 2017

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You will probably not reach your law firm business goals in 2017 Yep, I said it. I don’t believe you will. And there are three reasons for that. Here they are. You Don’t Write Your Goals Down When I started my law firm way back in the day I had goals. I just wanted to get some clients. That was it. And I didn’t really accomplish what I was trying to do because I didn’t get clear and write down exactly what I was going after. My guess is that you don’t either. Now, though, I take it one step further. I don’t just write down my goals and look at them throughout the quarter. I rewrite my goals every day. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been so successful. And your failing to do it is one of the reasons you’re going to fail. You Have Fake Goals I can’t tell you how many people I talk to that […]

AOL 148: Law Firm Goals – Go Big or Be Realistic? (plus your other questions)

We’re with an episode of free coaching Friday, where I answer your questions live on Facebook. The main topic of conversation today was law firm goals and whether or not the right way to set law firm goals was to be realistic or to go big. I used to be a fan of realistic but aggressive law firm goals. I thought it was important to push yourself, but to also set something within reason, something you could actually achieve. Lately I’ve kind of changed my tune with this, and it’s because of a book I recently read called The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. If you want to hear all about it, plus your other questions answered, go listen in. Christopher Small is the founder of CMS Law Firm LLC a Seattle estate planning law firm. He loves talking about the lessons he’s learned starting a law firm to help you do the same.

AOL 147: Why Leave Personal Injury to Start an Estate Planning Law Firm?

Today’s podcast is a response to a question that was asked in my private Facebook group Law Firm Confidential. Here’s the question in it’s entirety: So, I understand everything is not about money. I understand your move away from criminal, traffic and even dui defense. But it is my understanding that personal injury is probably the easiest practice area to generate wealth, especially with effective marketing. You are an effective marketer, so I’m intrigued by your move away from a personal injury practice. I’m on episode 235 or so in LFC and still don’t have that insight yet on going away from PI. To get the answer, listen to the podcast! And, if you are interested in checking out the Law Firm Confidential Podcast, CLICK HERE. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. Tired of hope marketing for your law firm? Wish there was a place you could go and get real answers from real law firm owners and get specific step-by-step how-to […]

AOL 146: Law Firm Coaching Friday – Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages; Marketing an Estate Planning Law Firm; Subscription Legal Services; and Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs

This is the first of what I hope to be MANY free law firm coaching Friday’s, where I hop on Facebook Live and answer all of your law firm questions (and anything else you want to ask). First things first, mark your calendar for Fridays at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time – that’s when this bad boy is going down (most of the time). Second, if you don’t have time to go live but still want to ask a question, hit me up at chris at and put “question” in the subject line. I’ll read your question and answer it right there. Third, there is no third! Listen to the show – it’s a good one! Fourth, okay, there is something. These are the topics covered: Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages Marketing an Estate Planning Law firm; Subscription Legal Services; Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs; and Much Much More! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. Tired of hope marketing for your law […]

AOL 145: Are You Committed?

Listen everyone. I can’t remember what I said on this podcast – I recorded it about a week ago. Here’s what I know – it’s amazing stuff. Instead of wondering, hit the play button or read the transcript below. Cheers, Christopher Small Are You Committed Transcript Hey everybody welcome to episode one forty four of The Art Of Lawyering Podcast. I’m excited to be here. I’m sitting out on the deck of my office. You can hear so much ever growing by. Beautiful view of the island big mountains and the Lake Washington and I’m here to talk to you today about something kind of fun. Before I get there, I want to remind you about my coaching program. So I have decided to reopen the inner circle which is my coaching program to ten people and before I get there. You know I want to, so I’m going to go back, and so when I started you know, I […]

AOL 144: 5 Ways A Law Firm Coach Can Help You

If you didn’t know, I’ve opened up my Inner Circle again for one-on-one coaching. There are only 10 spots open, and they are going to fill up fast. In the spirit of this new opportunity, I thought I’d drop 5 ways a law firm coach can help you. 1. Accountabitlity 2. Support 3. Expertise 4. Experience 5. Tough Love If any of these seem interesting to you, check out my coaching. And, don’t forget to listen to the podcast. Cheers, Christopher Small Who am I? I am an expert on starting a law firm and law firm marketing. I’ve started two successful law firms (you can see my latest one here and love sharing what I’ve learned so you can do it too). 5 Ways a Law Firm Coach Can Help You Transcript Hey everybody this is Christopher Small, this is episode one forty four of The Art of Lawyering podcast. I am super excited to be here with you […]

AOL 143: Law Firms and Farmer's Markets Don't Mix

I got my first law firm client from a farmer’s market. I used to preach marketing a law firm in this way. But now that I’m older and wiser I’ve changed my tune… Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second six-figure law firm in under 4 months! Want to know my secret? Networking! And I’m sharing my tracking system with you for free. Click Here for Access. Who am I? I am an expert on starting a law firm and law firm marketing. I’ve started two successful law firms (you can see my latest one here and love sharing what I’ve learned so you can do it too). Law Firms and Farmer’s Markets Don’t Mix Transcript Hey everybody this is Christopher Small. This is episode one forty three of The Art of Lawyering podcast. I am super pumped to be with you today. I was actually, we’re on Facebook live but we’re recording a day […]

AOL 142: Five Reasons Your Law Firm Will Fail

On this episode I talk about the five reasons your law firm will fail (or, read another way – do the opposite of what I’m talking about to have a successful law firm). I was sitting at my desk today thinking about what to talk to you about today and it dawned on me – I haven’t done a motivational talk in a while! And what better way to motivate you than to tell you why your law firm will fail. Don’t believe me? I don’t know what the statistic is on business failure as a whole, but I’ve talked to a lot of law firm owners and I can tell you a majority of them (over 80%) are struggling to just make ends meet. Why is this? Why is it so darn difficult to create a successful law firm? Here are the five reasons your law firm will fail: You will focus on the wrong things You will build […]

AOL 141: Five Reasons Lawyers Need Instagram

Okay people, this is going to be a very very short post for one reason: it is 1:00 a.m. and I forgot my notes from this podcast at the office. I don’t know what the five reasons lawyers need Instagram are precisely, though I know these are some of the attributes: 1. Instagram is free for lawyers (and everyone else). 2. Instagram can help lawyers build your law firm brand. 3. Instagram can help lawyers get more clients. 4. Instagram can help lawyers increase awareness. 5. Instagram can help lawyers increase interaction. To get the full story, listen to the podcast. If, after you listen to the podcast (and not before) you want to learn more about how to make these things a reality for you, click the link below to get my free Instagram for lawyers report. CLICK HERE to get your free Instagram for lawyers report. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second […]

AOL 140: Using Instagram for Law Firms

Yesterday Instagram made a major change to their platform, and this change finally convinced me that it was time to start thinking about how Instagram for law firms can work. In this episode I talk about a very specific methodology for increasing your Instagram followers, building your brand, generating leads, and having a fun time throughout the process. Instagram for Law Firms Game Plan First things first, it’s important to remember what the point is of participating on a platform like Instagram. It’s the same point that you have for all of your marketing efforts: you want to get more clients. And that can happen with Instagram. You just have to do it right. Here’s the step-by-step process for using Instagram for law firms, including getting more followers, creating brand awareness, and generating leads. Step 1: Post at least 4-6 times per day. Step 2: Make the posts interesting and relevant to what you do (think quotes, advice, stories, action […]
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