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LFMM 077: How do I Find Time to Work On My Law Firm?

I got a question from one of the members of Law Firm Confidential today that I thought would be a great topic for a podcast. Here’s the email: Chris, I wanted to shoot you an email and ask a question of you. You can either answer me directly or feel free to do it in a podcast or email or something. My question is when do you take time to work on your law firm? Do you set aside some time each day, or do you set a big chunk during the week? The reason I am asking is because I find it easy to get a lot of things done if I set aside a big chunk of time but when things come up it’s really easy to cancel working on the firm and just take care of an issue. The podcast in law firm confidential are doing great . I don’t think my law firm would be close […]
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