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July 09, 2018

3 Reasons You Won’t Advertise Your Law Firm

When I started my law firm I was 100% against law firm advertising. I thought it was unnecessary. I thought it was worthless. I thought I would never do it.

And then I realized I was an idiot.

As more and more time has gone by and I’ve talked to more and more law firm owners, I’ve realized most of us have some demons to exorcise when it comes to law firm advertising.

The best way to do that is to call out those hidden mental roadblocks holding you back.

1. SCARCITY MINDSET – you’d rather keep a stranglehold on a little money than make a lot (with what seems like risky behavior).

Most law firm owners begin their approach to advertising like it is a cost.

That would be wrong.

Thing about advertising like investing. When you put $100 dollars into the stock market, do you expect to lose it?

Of course not. You expect it to give you back $110.

Advertising works the same way, only on a much bigger scale. Instead of getting a 10/100 return you can get a 300/100 return, or even higher.

So what makes that so difficult?

We’re afraid of losing what we’ve got.

Maybe business is slow. Maybe it’s really slow. And you figure having a couple bucks in the bank is better than no bucks in the bank.

The solution here is two fold:

First, work on creating an abundance mindset (I’ve got some great help for that in The Backroom!).

Second, start spending a little money advertising your law firm so you can see it’s not that bad.

2. EGO

We’ve all heard in law school and out in the real world from the old folks that “lawyers don’t advertise” and “you don’t want to be seen as an ambulance chaser” and how you should “just work hard and the clients will come.”

All of this is complete bullshit, and the sooner you get over yourself and get over worrying about what other people think of you, the sooner you’ll be crushing it in your market.

The truth here is this: if you don’t advertise, NO ONE will know you exist.

The solution? First, get over yourself. Second, stop worrying about what everyone thinks and create an internal sense of self-worth. Third, decide if you’d rather be successful or have people think you’re cool.


This is probably the most painful and the most prevalent of the hidden truths I see.

When you advertise you have to tell people you are good at what you do. You have to PICK something to focus on.

This creates two huge problems.

First, you aren’t sure WHAT it is exactly that you do. You take just about everything that comes in the door so having to commit to something seems scary (remember that scarcity mindset stuff from earlier?).

Second, you aren’t sure if you are good at what you do so there’s no certainty there. There’s no confidence.

The solution here is simple. Pick something and create great systems and processes so you can deliver great service. Then give the people what they want.

Hope this helps you pull the trigger on some ads. You can thank me for it later!

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