035: 5 Elements Of A 7 Figure Law Firm Marketing Plan

July 04, 2017

How do you get more clients?

In this episode, we talk about the 5 Elements of A 7 Figure Law Firm Marketing Plan. The important thing to remember is each of these 5 elements intertwine with each other. What makes them so great is that they build and compliment each other.

Element 1: Content
The only way that people can determine if you’re good is by the content you create and the relationship you build with people. Content creation is the key to help establish trust with your audience.

Element 2: Networking
The human touch. You must create relationships. Lawyers are not so great in keeping up with people so it is important that you create a venue where people who are referred to you can find you and learn about you. This is what content creation can do for you. Your credibility is reflected by the content you create. Tip: Do a quarterly review.

Element 3: Automated Email Follow Up Sequence
Start with two things:
a. One for potential Clients – This would be directed to those who have asked about your services or have followed up with you.
b. Automated Email Weekly Newsletter Sequence – Take the time to structure this out. This would talk about your philosophy, your approach to your work, tips, tricks, stories and everything in between that would initiate action from your audience.

Element 4: Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising boosts your creativity, trust and identity. Facebook ads allow you to reach different kinds of people.
a. Prospects that are identified by a specific set of characteristics
b. People who visit your website. You can present them with an opportunity to connect with you.

Element 5: Google Ads
The audience you catch in Google ads are the people who are specifically looking for you. Start with Google ads using your law firm name (to make sure that you show up first) and specific keywords that would direct them to your site.

These elements are the backbone of any 7 figure law firm you can find out there.

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