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January 08, 2019

Today I wanted to talk to you about five law firm owner lessons that I learned from my latest dentist visit. Today I went to the dentist. I am pleased to say that I have no cavities, that I had no pain and that everything went really smoothly, but that’s not really exactly what I want to talk about…

Whenever I’m doing anything, I’m always trying to think about how I can apply that to my own law firm, to my own business. There were a few things that I noticed that I wanted to talk about that I think we could all implement into our law firms that would make the experience better for our clients, that would make us some more money, that would make things easier for us.

I wanted to share those real quick so that you could maybe implement them into your own practices as well.

The first thing that I noticed about my dental experience was that I started getting appointment reminders like a week before, and then I got at least one a day. I got them via text. I got phone calls. I got emails.

I’m pretty sure that they have nearly a 100% show up rate for their appointments for that reason. If you are having trouble getting people to actually show up to your appointments or your consultations or whatever it is that you’re doing, then you really may want to consider implementing some of these strategies into your own firm.

I guarantee you when people follow up or when you follow up with people consistently, they’re either going to show up or tell you that they’re not going show up beforehand. I think very rarely will they just ghost you. If they do, then that’s a topic for another day. I can tell you how to get rid of that too but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

The second thing that I noticed is that everything is really run like a well-oiled machine. What that does is it gives me the confidence to know the kind of experience that I’m going to have every time.

I’ve been with this dentist for four or five years at least. Every time I go in there it’s the same thing. It works the same way. They’re on time probably 90% of the time. I’m not waiting around. They’re not running late. They’re not in a hurry. They’re just doing their thing.

I think that there’s something to be said about that in how we can implement some of those things into our own firm so that we are always working and striving to create a consistent client experience, because even though clients may be in just one time to see you ever in their entire lives, being able to have the confidence to know how everything is going to go will give them confidence as they come in and talk to you.

The third thing that I noticed were the subtle but helpful upsells. They asked me if I wanted to get some little varnish stuff on my teeth. They talked about doing some other stuff that was going on that she noticed. It was all done in a very, what can I say, polite way.

It wasn’t super salesy. It was really like, “Hey, I noticed this thing. Maybe you would be interested in doing this thing to fix that problem.”

I think we should always be thinking about ways that we can add additional value to our clients’ experiences and to the work that we provide them and the service that we provide them. Then obviously we can charge more for those things if people want them. Now I wouldn’t strip away the basics and try to add them in for more money, but if you can think of things that may increase convenience or just increase the overall experience and they’re a little bit more money, like first class, then I would definitely, definitely consider doing that for your people.

The fourth thing that I noticed was that … Maybe we’re going to have a bonus one here. The fourth thing that I noticed was that it was my dentist experience is typically about 90% a dental hygienist or whatever they’re called, and about 10% just with a dentist themselves, and because the processes are so tight and because the dental hygienist does such a good job, it doesn’t feel awkward. It doesn’t feel weird.

The dentist comes in at the end. He does his thing, bada bing, bada boom, and he’s out. I think that anytime we can think about how to incorporate our people into the process in a way that empowers them, it makes the clients feel good. We should really try to do that.

The fifth thing was that their processes and their systems are tight. They are … I mentioned this before in the context of my experience, but for them, their systems are tight, which means their employees are happy. You can tell they like what they’re doing. You can tell that they’re not frustrated or flustered or running around putting out fires. Again, that just gives me added confidence when I go in there.

Having clear, consistent, implemented processes and procedures on the back end makes everything flow so much smoother.

Last but not least is number six. Number six is something that I think we can all work on and we can all incorporate. It’s really something that I’m trying to do with this video, for example. That is to provide value without any expectations in return.

We don’t have to bill every time we answer a question. We don’t have to bill every time somebody comes into the office. We can just be helpful. We can teach. We can just help people understand what’s going on.

The reason I talk about this is once my cleaning or whatever it was was over with, she took an extra 5 minutes or 10 minutes and showed me some little things that I could do to help make the experience better, keep my teeth cleaner outside of the dentist hygienist’s office.

Anytime that we can find ways to do those little things where you’re just really giving with no expectations, that’s going to really increase your loyalty. It’s going to increase the bond that your clients have with you. It feels really good too.

I’m creating this content for you. I love it because I know you’re going to be able to take this and use it for your firm and hopefully make more money and have happier clients, save some time, do all these things that you want to do.

Find a couple of things to implement with your own law firm. And if you want to go faster, click here

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