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February 05, 2019

Common “tomorrow problems”

1. “I need to work on my business and not in my business.”

2. I need to hire an attorney right now when you don’t have consistent revenue or client acquisition systems.

3. I need a new CRM/etc. when I don’t even have clients.

Today’s typical problems…

1. I need more potential clients at my door.

2. I need to sign up more of the potential clients that come through my door.

3. I need to be organized enough so that shit doesn’t fall through the cracks.

4. I need to work on recognizing the activities that will move my business forward as opposed to making me feel good…


Building a Law Firm works on three pillars:

1. consistent content
2. paid advertising
3. Mindset

If you can master those three pillars you can start a law firm and build a law firm that will give you EVERYTHING you want in life.

These videos will get you there. BUT, if you want more, there is more.

THE BACKROOM is for those of you interested in do-it-yourself. You can join for free for 7 days and try it out here:

THE SYNDICATE is for those of you that want one-on-one help, accountability, and to go FAST. You can apply to be a Syndicate member here:

Last, but not least, I host a LIVE EVENT every quarter (January, April, July, and October) to help you get more clients, build a better firm, and win at life.

If you’re interested in that, please go to the home page –

And, if you just want to get this amazing free content, that’s okay too. The key to success, no matter what, is TAKING ACTION.

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