The Difference Between Winners and Losers | BLF 131

January 29, 2019

I listened to a podcast the other day that talked about the difference between winners and losers, and I decided to come up with my own list…

1. Winners do the thing when they don’t feel like it. Losers do the thing when it conveniences them.

2. Winners play the long game. Losers quit early.

3. Winners embrace failure. Losers run away from it.

4. Winners invest in themselves. Losers go it alone.

5. Winners don’t make excuses. Losers blame everyone and everything else.

6. Winners hang out with winners. Losers hang out with people that confirm their fears and excuses.

7. Winners delay gratification. Losers count their chickens before they are hatched.

8. Winners embrace the process. Losers look for shortcuts.

9. Winners take calculated risks. Losers play it unbelievably safe.

10. Winners get woo woo. Losers think it’s all a joke.

11. Winners take action. Losers plan.

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