What Law Firm Marketing is REALLY All About…

January 02, 2019

Good morning!

What I love about having these daily conversations is the opportunity to give you some quick little nuggets about things that are happening in real time.

Today we had an interesting discussion in The Backroom about content creation. I’m a big proponent of putting out at least one piece of video content a week (that then gets turned into a podcast, blog post, etc.).

There are many reasons why I suggest this, but the biggest reason is simply that it works.

Someone in the group was asking questions to try to dig into the why a little more (which is great), and after a few questions I was able to whittle down why we do this to one simple sentence.

All we are doing is applying fundamental business principles in the modern digital era.

That’s it.

The stuff that’s worked in the past still works today. And it will work tomorrow. The trick is simply finding the current platforms that allow you to execute on those business fundamentals.

When you start looking at your business and your marketing efforts from this perspective, it helps make everything a little clearer.

You aren’t reinventing the wheel. It’s still round. All you’re doing is updating the material the wheel is made out of…

Have a great day!


Christopher Small

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