LinkedIn Magic with Steven Perchikov | BLF 137

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

LinkedIn Magic with Steven Perchikov | BLF 137

Got a real treat here for you all today. Steven Perchikov the LinkedIn master comes onto the show to talk about how law firm owners can use LinkedIn to get new clients.

And, if you want to go farther, faster, click the link below to check out a cool masterclass he put together:


The perfect law firm has four elements:

1. consistent quality leads
2. proven replicable sales process
3. processes and systems
4. owner scarcity or expansion

If you can master those four pillars you can start a law firm and build a law firm that will give you EVERYTHING you want in life.

These videos will get you there. BUT, if you want more, there is more.

THE BACKROOM is for those of you interested in do-it-yourself. You can join for free for 7 days and try it out here:

THE SYNDICATE is for those of you that want one-on-one help, accountability, and to go FAST. You can apply to be a Syndicate member here:

And, if you just want to get this amazing free content, that’s okay too. The key to success, no matter what, is TAKING ACTION.

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