New Beginnings…

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

New Beginnings…

Hello! Hello!

I hope you are having a great Monday. The year is winding down and now is not the time to let your foot off the gas…

But that’s not the reason I’m writing to you today.

I wanted to let you know about a commitment I’m making to myself and to you starting today and moving forward into, well, probably forever. 

When I originally started Building a Law Firm years and years ago I did so for two reasons – first, to document my journey so I could look back some day at all the dumb things I did and laugh; and second, to help other law firm owners find their faster and easier (there were NO resources out there like this when I started my law firm 10 years ago).

Today I am still fulfilling on both of those reasons, only I want to do it BETTER.

And I want to do it better whether you join me in the Backroom or not. 

So, starting today, I’m going to be emailing you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m not going to be selling you anything – at least most of the time – this is pure knowledge, experience, inspiration, and motivation. 

Some days the email will be long, some days it will be short, but they will ALWAYS be valuable.

And we might as well get started today…


I believe the way you start your day sets the tone for everything that comes after it. 

You can start out hot and fast and confident or you can start out slow, sluggish, and weak. 

Here are a couple of things I do to start fast no matter what…

First, I ALWAYS wake up before everyone else and give myself at least 30 minutes of me time. I usually spend that time reading a book, writing emails like this, or doing something else that gets my mind in a good place for the day.

I have one rule though when it comes to waking up – when the alarm goes off I get up – no questions asked. I’ve always found that the hardest part of waking up is actually just getting out of bed. 

Try it tomorrow. When the alarm goes off, get out of bed.

Second, when I wake up I ALWAYS pop my headphones in and listen to “Today is the day” by WakeUpTime on Spotify – it’s a mashup of motivational speech. Jim Carey, Will Smith, Eric Thomas, and a bunch of other people get me fired up for the day. 

Click here to check it out. 

There is a saying somewhere that routine will set you free. It’s the truth. 

Success starts with the basics. This is a great place to start…


Christopher Small

P.S. – I only have one ask for you if you are getting value out of these emails – share it with someone that you think could use it. Law firm owner or not, share it. 

P.P.S. – you are getting an email from me tomorrow and over the next few days about a conference I’m putting on in January. Don’t hate – read it. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not, but if we don’t work hard to get in front of the people we can help, what are we here for? (to be completely transparent – if you aren’t trying to market your services to your potential clients you are doing them a disservice by keeping what you have to offer from them).

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